With his latest offering, guitarist Kevin McNeal has crafted an assemblage of music that can easily be described as the New York sound. This project, as ambitious as it is accurate, portrays all of the very detailings that capture the FEELING of how artists view the world through their craft. ”

Greg Osby, Saxophonist, Composer, Producer, Jazz Ensemble Leader

The Kevin McNeal Organ Project

Review of Kevin McNeal's Solo Album, Soliloquy

When listening to Kevin McNeal's Soliloquy Album it can take awhile to realize it's just one guitar. There is so much movement, melody and motion that you don't miss hearing other instruments. But that's just part of the simple beauty of this world-class guitarist's CD...Soliloquy sounds like a master musician just playing in his living room, with a few candles lit, purely for the love of it. Fortunately, with the release of this exquisite CD the whole world can share this candid, intimate moment.”

— David Malachowski, Producer, Composer, Musical Director, Journalist, Soliloquy CD

Press Photos

Kevin McNeal, Silvana, 2018

Kevin McNeal Trio, Silvana

Kevin McNeal, Cotton Club Orchestra, 2019

Kevin McNeal, Arthur's Tavern, NYC

Music Tracks

Cutting Room, NYC

Arthur's Tavern, Greenwich Village

Performance Videos

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